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  1. Hello to All, I am new to this club, living in Maputo, Mozambique !!! Although I am a Canadian.... I have a 2000 Toyota Harrier which is the sister model of Lexus RX 300 ( 1MZ-FE engine) I believe these Engines are widely used in many Toyotas in Canada and USA. I had #2 cylinder missing. Decide to open both Valve covers:- Sludge had started to form.... Cleaned it out, removed oil pan #2.... Valve cover # 1 ( firewall side ), cleaned the return pipe, quite a bit of muck. Removed Fuel nozzles and cleaned them in Ultra sonic cleaner ( which I bought in UK). Installed new spark plugs/oil filter/ new oil/ air filter. NOW THE CAR RUNS LIKE NEW !!!! Planning to replace Valve stem seals soon. Been reading on google on how to do it.... Regards...
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