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  1. 2006 Toyota Matrix, 2WD Auto I just moved to Saskatoon, which is a small city in the middle of Canada. They have the strictest safety regulations in Canada, and are requiring me to replace my rear axle (due to a small bend in it from a previous collision with a construction zone - at about 3 mph). The shop quoted me $450 for the part, $1000 for 4.2 hours of labour, and a possibility of $500 more for shims to correct the camber/toe in the case that the damaged rear axle has sent other parts out of alignment. $1450-2000 is a lot of money, and I'm wondering how hard it is to do these repairs myself? I work at an electric vehicle company so getting a hoist and tools shouldn't be a problem. It's the actual labour that I'm wondering about. Has anyone ever done this? Can you shine some perspective? This would be the first major repair I perform on my car.