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  1. They found a short in the wire in the headliner console. There was a wire behind or underneath the headliner plastic that was being shorted. We sold the car so I don't remember what it looks like but that's all it was. The dealer kind of blamed us although we never took anything apart up there and we bought the car new.
  2. I've got a 2011 Corolla S, bought brand new and have made no changes or modifications whatsoever. I keep the car in pristine condition. Recently the dome light and key fob stopped working. I easily traced this to a blown 10A fuse (DOME) in the engine compartment. However, when I replaced it the fuse it blows again immediately. I am quite handy and good with a electrical stuff, but I do not have schematics. From what I can deduce on the web, this fuse goes to a BCM and the dome light, I'm not sure what else. Also what I have read is that there is a strong liklihood that the BCM is bad. Would appreciate any thoughts or experience on this. Is there anything easy to check? Is there a good way to verify the BCM is the culprit before I spring for a new one? Can anyone tell me where the BCM is located? Does anyone have a part number so I can price a new one? I'm in Phoenix, in case that matters.