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  1. Hi I Have a 1991 Hilux V6 3.0 Extended Cab, it was my Fathers' truck which he bought a few days before I was born, passed down to me when he bought a 2009 Tacoma V6 SR5, It was and still is relatively well taken care of, I'm trying to find some performance parts for it, I'm not looking to turn this thing into formula 1 race car, just want to get some more performance out of it, and also to get the best mpg out of this 22 year old truck. I know that there weren't many performance parts made for these trucks anyway. I was wondering If anyone knew where, or who made performance ignition coils for the V6 engine, so far I have only found stock replacements. On the other hand I have found plenty of performance ignition coils for the smaller 4 cylinder engine version of the truck, but why they would make performance ignition coils for the smaller engine baffles me... If anyone has any info on this, it would be greatly appreciated, and if anyone could give me a few other performance upgrade options it would also be appreciated.... thanks!