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    TSB 4593B

    Any have a link to how to repair Toyota TSB 4593B?
  2. I've read many posts about leaking sunroofs and understand that some leaking is within normal limits. However, if the seal gets damaged or is dry-rotted, is it possible to replace the seal? I've not found any posts about where to buy, or how to replace the seal. Is this possible?
  3. 2004 Matrix XR, 1.8 Auto: get a shift flare between 1st and 2nd. Shifting fine in all other gears. Is there a linkage adjustment that will fix this? Any suggestions?
  4. I get a shift flare going from 1st to 2nd. Are there any cable adjustments that control this? I found that my car has not had the ECU recall done. Maybe this will fix the problem.
  5. I owned a 94 Corolla and was familiar with that car/motor. I'm looking for a 03-05 Matrix now and would like to know what I need to look for as far as issues with the vehicle. Most of these will have 100k+ miles on them. What tends to go wrong at 100k miles? Are there any specific problems or issues I need to look for when checking out a used vehicle? - I've seen something regarding the oil pump, which is critical. - I've read where this motor has a timing chain, instead of a belt, which doesn't need to be replaced every 100k miles - But, I also see where many are replacing them. Is this necessary? - What about CV joints, steering or suspension parts? Just looking for input as I start my quest. These cars are hard to find. I really don't want to deal with a used car dealer or broker, but can't find many for sale by private owners. Thanks
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