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  1. All fixed. Cost me like $72. I can get a belt in the store for $36, but this was totally worth it. Toyota Care covered the pump.
  2. My extended warranty does indeed cover the pump. To fix the pump they need to take off that serpentine belt. So, the Toyota near where I live told me they don't charge a "labor" fee, they charge a per job fee, so it's $189. They also told me they can't call warranty company on a Saturday. I called the Toyota where I bought the car and one other dealer. Both of them said there should be no additional fee to change a belt other than the belt, because they're already doing the labor. When I told the one dealer the other one told me they can't do the pump on a Saturday because they can't call warranty, he said "that's bull****". So, I canceled my Wednesday appointment and got one elsewhere for Tuesday.
  3. Sorry I was on a phone above.. so if there's any funny sentences blame it on that. Why do dealers charge so much for a cabin air filter? $89.95. It cost me $13 at the auto store and less than 5 minutes of my time. That's rape.
  4. Just thought I'd let you know since I had to go to Toyota for other reason I asked about clips about $10 to put them on.
  5. Oh and that writing on the engine she said its normal. It's a number so they don't overfill. She says they don't do it but smaller shops do sometimes.
  6. Well I am here. They said there's another recall on my car that could fry the computer if they try to fix it. Today's Sat so they can't order the part until Mon and I won't get my car back until Tues. She said a few customers car computers had to be replaced. Regarding the pump they said they do not charge labor, so if I want the belt done its $189. That's crazy. That they won't just charge me for the belt if it's the same work involved. They can't replace the pump until next week because they have to call the warranty company. If is have known I'd have come for a quick diag on a weeknight the repair on Sat. But the good thing is she's never seen one not covered. They also found an animal living in my cabin air filter.
  7. Thanks for that info Dap. I am going to try my best to get them to cover it. I did buy an extended 7 year warranty and they did replace an alternator before.
  8. It's unfortunate I'm the type of person who will complain to a company, never go there again, and just let it go. Guess that makes me a coward for wanting to email them rather than talk. I don't think I was rude by what I said.. I explained the guy behind the counter was very friendly even though he had a customer screaming at his Daughter on the phone and then the phone handed to him and the Daughter screaming at him. Then I explained how they wrote on my car and I've no idea what it means. Maybe this time I'll stop by, because I think it's on the way to the Toyota Dealer. Someone mentioned changing a pump myself, but I'm not handy unless it's a computer. Besides, I have the extended warranty. Maybe something is covered. My alternator went last year or the year before and they replaced it no charge. I was stuck about 20 mins in the opposite direction of my house. My car died. The only way I could get home was to buy a battery and hope it had enough juice to get me home before it died. Because I didn't have enough for a tow.
  9. This writing is ON THE TOP of the engine. On the plastic cover piece over the engine. It was never there. I'm the original owner of this car since 2008 and there was no graffiti on it. Can you see this picture on my Instagram? http://instagram.com/p/dM-of6vQsw/ That was definitely never there!!!
  10. Does anybody have an approximate on how much to replace a pump? Here's my story: 2009 Corolla LE I have a leak in my car. Not sure if it's related to my earlier post here, but short story of that post I had something go under my car which made the splash guard partially fall off, so I had to put tape on it temporarily to hold it up until I got the proper clips. http://us.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/5092-clips-on-bottom-of-car/#entry12441 (again, sorry for the new forum name.. I tried everything to login and can't get in under my name yuppicide.. no idea what email it had because everything I've tried won't work) Now I notice a small leak. I believe it's pinkish in color, maybe reddish, but I'll have to check again. It's in the very front passenger side. Only a few drops. I looked at the fluids and they all seem fine. I went to work and mentioned it to someone. He said how many miles on your car and I said just over 60,000. He said probably my pump. He said they only last about that long. He said it starts off as a few small drips and gets bigger. He also said if they replace a pump, ask them to change the belt also as it's the same labor involved and if you change the belt down the road it'll be much more expensive because they'll have to do the same labor all over again. Your thoughts? Approx price? I have an appointment this Saturday with Toyota as I needed to go in for a recall on the window power button could catch fire. Do you think I should NOT have Toyota fix the leak problem and go elsewhere because it'll be a lot cheaper? I have that 7 year warranty, but I doubt it covers my leak. PS - I went for an oil change. It's been maybe a week or two now. So, today I opened the hood up to check the fluids and notice they write "6311 of 4.5" on the engine.. what the heck does that even mean? In my 40+ years of life I've never seen that done. I think it's just as bad as someone vandlizing my car with graffiti. I assume it wipes right off, but not sure since I had to run to work and had no time. Have you ever seen anyone do this?
  11. BTW, I'm sorry for the new forum name. For some reason I can't login to yuppicide and it doesn't know ANY of my emails. I have NO clue what I signed up under! I tried everything I normally use.
  12. Guy at work has about 210 - 220,000 miles on his old Corolla.