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  1. First things first: Checked fuses:good Checked the battery: Good. Terminals were secure. Alternator:good Starter was bad, replaced it with a new one. Now still no start no crank. I am frustrated and have no idea what to do from here. After looking back under the hood, I realized I was missing the nut that connects one of the electrical terminals was actually one of the ones that went with the cover that goes on the engine. Could this have been the reason my car won't start now? Regardless of that, where would I go to find a replacement part and what size? If this has nothing to do with it, where should I look next? I am living on a shoe-string budget or I would have taken it to a professional by now, plus I like the experience of doing things myself. If I have to go to a professional, since we know it is not the starter motor, what sort of damage will my wallet be seeing?