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  1. My 2013 Rav4 Limited has 18" alloy wheels. The ride is a bit harsh and I'd like to soften the ride and swap them out for the 17" alloys that come with the other models in the line. Is this doable? I went to the dealer and surprisingly the mechanic I asked didn't know. I went to a local tire shop and they said it would work as the diameter and circumference of the wheel with the appropriate tire would be the same. But another tire shop claims that the suspension on the Limited is tuned differently than the models with 17" wheels and although the total size would be the same, I shouldn't do it. Who's right? And are there any other caveats I should be aware of?
  2. I hear a rattle or squeak when going at low speed over a slightly bumpy surface. I can't hear it at highway speed or when in a noisy environment. I removed everything from the back of the car, including the carpeting, back seat headrests, jack, spare tire and supporting styrofoam. The noise persists and I believe it's coming from the inside of the back door itself. I removed the plastic access panels and found nothing loose. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.