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  1. Pushmatic

    Cab vent

    I have an '05 tacoma double cab. I'm trying to locate the vent duct within the cab. I can feel a increase in pressure when the fan is turned on. They're usaually located in the rear of the cab. I don't want to completely dismantle the cab to find it.
  2. As I said in the original post. K&N gave no instructions what to do with the diconnected vacuum lines. I have since rerouted the vacuum lines, using the line routing sticker for reference. Several of the lines went to the factory air box. I just reconnected the lines, bypassing the air box connections. And you are right about the check valve. However, it wasn't connected backwards, it just wasn't connected. So far the light hasn't come back on. Thanks for the help. Oh, by the way, the code was p2441. If I remember correctly.
  3. Hi all, I recently purchaced an K&N typhoon (EU), 69-8752TR, for my sons 2005 GTS. After a couple of days the check engine light comes on. Resetting the code does no good. There were several vacuum lines disconnected during the install and no instructions on what to do with them. I have contacted K&N, and they have told me that the typhoon is meant for european models only. And that they do not currently have an intake for the vehicle. However when you do a vehicle search, on their web site, for this vehicle, this part is one of many listed. I complained about the misinformation on t
  4. Hey thanks. I did a search and found a site that has pictures of every step. Check it out. http://homepage.mac.com/ebones/PhotoAlbum13.html
  5. If you've noticed this problem, here's the solution. My son owns a '05 gts which developed a rattle (sounded like a loose washer vibrating on a bolt.). the noise seemed to be coming from behind the glove box. Didn't really notice the noise until about 2500 to 3000 rpm. Anyway, as it turns out the air conditioner lines were transferring engine vibrations into the cabin. The lines run near the passenger shock tower. We put a piece of adhesive backed weather strip between the tower and the lines and this noise vanished. Maybe this will help someone.
  6. Hi. Work of art is a bit of a stretch. However, it is very clean and very organized. After safety, quality is the priority. A lot of companies say it, but toyota truly cares about quality and customer satisfaction. I sound like a company rep huh. But I'm just a regular team member. I work in the paint department in offline repair. Which means I repair paint defects and any damage, to the paint that may occur during production. It's a pretty cool job. I learn something new everyday. There's always a challange. It's the best job I've ever had. If there's something specific you'd like to know,
  7. Hello everyone. Just signed up today. I work at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, where the tundra, sequoia, and sienna are built. We currently have three toyotas in the family. A 2005 tacoma d-cab, a 2005 celica gts, and a 2003 corolla sport. I'm glad to have found a place where I can get some advice, and maybe, be of some help to the forum.
  8. Anyone have an idea on how to remove the radio from a 2005 tacoma? I don't want to screw up the panel.
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