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  1. I find with the large Maccy D's cup it sits at a wonky angle due to the curvature of the dash above.... But then, you arent supposed to have cups in there when your driving really.... ;)
  2. Super little site! Its French, but shows off the new Yaris..... was posted on the UK TOC site a while back.... You even get a 360degree show! A lot of people dont like it.... I'm not a lot of people! :D Its also got a rather naff quality video as well, but you get the jist of it! ;)
  3. Mini is different though.... it was an insitution before BMW took it and made the new MINI.... it was already a known brand.... ;)
  4. Toyota did well with the marketing of Lexus.... plus the fact they always score highly in customer satisfaction surveys gets them noticed! I only very recently heard of Infiniti, never heard of Acura - they should take a leaf out of Toyotas marketing strategy because I'd heard of Lexus, but it took me a while to latch on that it was Toyota - even thought the Lexus dealer in Coventry is next door to the Toyota dealer! D'OH!
  5. Thats my baby! :D I love that blue colour! I really really want one too - a top of the range one - going the whole hog if I can - well I'm young and I'm not the sort who wants to sit there with her 70 odd grandchildren moaning about "I wish I had done this when I was young" etc etc! I'd be happy with a 5 door thinking of it - for children and/or cats - but want to see the 3 door first..... The 1.8 is tempting - but the likelihood of the UK getting it..... slim to none! I'd settle for the 1.5 T-Sport with all the trimmings - I'd be happy with those apples....
  6. Yep! We very much love our Yarii over here! :D Love to see your pics! Em xx
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