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  1. Agrarian

    How do I remove moon roof switch on 2004 Camry XLE?

    I have found out the following by research and then experience. One cannot remove just the moon roof switch. The moon roof switch, the map lamps, the sunglass holder; all these are built into the one Roof Console Box Assembly. To remove the Roof Console Box Assy, use a flat screwdriver (good to wrap blade in tape so as to not scratch anything) to pry down the front edge of the Assy. The whole thing will then just slide forward, down, and out.
  2. My moon roof has died. Dealership tells me that a cable is broke and the motor may need to be replaced: over $1,000 estimate! Until I decide to go ahead with this, I need to keep myself from accidently hitting the moon roof button (which I did this morning, as I sleepily reached for the garage door button). The reason being, when I open the moon roof now, it will get stuck open, necessitating a trip to the shop. So my question, how do I remove the moon roof switch? I want to disconnect the wires so it will no longer be operable. Removing a fuse won't work since the same fuse covers the power windows (and maybe the door locks, too). My local shop tried to remove the ceiling panel of lights and switches this morning, but when it offered resistance, they stopped not wanting to break anything.