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  1. Hi; New to forum. Have a '95 Corolla DX 5 sp. wagon, 145K miles (original clutch, no slipping). Best car I've ever had, hope to have it at least another 10 years. MPG seems to have fallen off a little past year or so, down to around 30 mpg from around 33. Always try to burn good fuel (usually Shell). Do mostly expressway driving, around 25 mi. one-way to work, with some around town errand running and occassional long trip. Do not baby car, usually drive 70-75 mph on highway and my throttle foot is very familiar with the floor boards. Question is: Have been hearing ads for an oil treatment called Motor Silk done by a progressive talk radio host I usually trust and wonder if this stuff is any good and worth the money, or if I should just have major engine work done to increase engine life? My mechanic (who I trust) has not even suggested any major engine work, I do need a new valve cover gasket in the near future. I remember the old Slick 50, put some in my '76 Civic near the end of it's life (only 7 1/2 years) and it really didn't do much for it (horrid car anyway). Thanks for any guidence. Paul