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  1. I have a new 2010 with a 4 cylinder engine. I've noticed that even when the oil level is just a bit below full, the engine sounds like it's going to vibrate itself apart when I start after sitting overnight, when, presumably, all of the oil has drained out of the engine. Doesn't happen after the first start of the day. The vibration is huge and the engine makes a loud clanging noise. When the oil is topped off, it's less, but still not smooth. Anyone else notice this and would using a heavier oil (currently 5w-20), especially in 90 degree weather, make a difference? Thanks Charles
  2. I'm a new RAV4 owner, just 2K on a 2010 RAV base model. Owned it for six months, but in the last few weeks, every time I start up in the morning there is a loud piercing rumble/vibration that I hear coming from the front right engine compartment. Like somethings rattling loose. It only lasts a second and is gone once the engine is running. Only happens with the first crank of the day, or if the car has been sitting for a few hours. Never when it's warm. The worst noise is from the engine, right around the oil fill cap. Seems like it has something to do with there being no oil in the engine at start up, but when I check the oil level cold, it's right up to the fill line, half way there when warm. Of course I can't get it to happen when I drive to the dealer because it's warm. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. Deborah