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  1. thanks Mike, i think it also needs a lube and i saw a cv join boot cover broken, but its normal, ill just replace it.
  2. Hello friends. need help with an issue, just got a 2006 taco 4x4 4d with 99500 miles, when testing the 4x4 and turning it was almost impossible to make the truck move, it did but like if it was brake on the front wheels, this was only while turning more than 90 and 180 degrees, (the more turn the worse)i m worry because the last i had like 8 years ago was a 88 xtra cab with no same issue, thanks. Second: while starting to move the car from 0 it feels stiff like something with the transmission, it switches good to all 5 speeds its only when running from zero. 3rd: what could cause a airbag light to come on? is there a need to take the car to dealer for inspection of the srs, have same issue with my brother camry , it came on after reaching 99k miles with no accident. Also the check engine light is on, the guy i got the truck from has another same truck and both of the have same issue since about 2 years old, i did not noticed a bad mpg while driving it home, 70 hw miles. Last issue, i'm taking the car overseas and will remove the cat conv, i looke at the underdog racing URD Rear O2 Sensor Simulators, will that really makes the cel not to turn on? and will really this maneuver save gas and increase power? please any collaboration will be appreciated.