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  1. Hi to everyone! Recently I buyed a Camry LE 1997/1998, but I have a big questions about it. My car is made in japan, 2.2 L engine, four cyl, automatic, VIN: JTA53SK20V0103317, I checked in toyota site that this car was built in Japan plant. My questions: My engine is the same that american version? I think this engine is a famous 5S-FE. Camry parts is very rare here in Brazil, and I buy it in EBAY. My first purchase was a timming belt with water pump and a full gasket, I think that this part will function perfectly in my engine, thats correct? I was read in many sites that japanse version is different from US version, but in: interior color scheme, whells, but not indicate that engine is similar or different. Please help me. Sorry for my bad english..... Best regards Everton
  2. Hello to all. I am brazilian, and recently I buyed a Camry 1998 (old but mine). Well, my main problem with this car is about maintenance, however, I had been find many itens in EBAY. I live in Ceará, Brazil, and I have others cars (small cars), a Ford Fiesta and a Fiat Mille. Best regards. Thanks for all. Everton