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  1. Thank you Toyota Guru! So just a follow up on another rav...KBB says that an 05 2wd L with 26k miles is worth 15k, does that sound about right to everyone/anyone?
  2. come on! I see all the views I'm getting, can someone at least tell me where I could find a cheap warranty if not help me out with the salvaged title business???
  3. Hi all, So I need some advice as soon as anyone can possibly give it to me! Here is my situation: I am in the process of buying an 07 rav4 which was stolen and bought back by the insurance company before it was recovered. It was soon found with no damage--later this was confirmed by AAA (the insurance company it was under) and the current dealer's separate inspections. This car is beautiful and has only 17k miles on it. I want to find out if anyone has had or knows anyone who has had similar experience. Also, I am wondering what I can do in terms of a policy..how can I get one when the car was never damaged and in fact the carfax reflects this...the only reason for the salvaged title is the theft. If anyone has advice, please give it to me, I am quite in need of it!!! Thanks y'all happy 09=] Yana