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  1. For some reason the Yaris I bought didn't have a tachometer even though it's a stick. I'd like to install one but want to avoid drilling holes in the dash. I've seen a molded plastic piece that holds up to three instruments that mount on the door post. It might be a bit racy for some old fart (me) to have on a little car but it'd be nice to have a tach when I get frisky and crank up the sterio to listen to my old timey music. Any ideas?
  2. Hi there, I guess unless somebody drove home with anything in the last hour I might be the newest member. Just drove my bright red Yaris home this afternoon. After driving a 300M I love the gas milage I'm hoping to get along with no blind spots! It's a fun car to drive around. Of course it's got to have a name. I first thought of referring to it as Yuri but then thought of Car Talk and had to laugh. How about. . . . .. . . Yuri Peekoffanddroppoff?