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  1. I don't know about the echo, but I know the Corrolla line and the Matrix (which is the Corrolla station wagon) have had great reliability over the years. I don't know what the price comparison is with the Echo, but I know here in Michigan they were willing to practically GIVE me the Corrolla sedan from the prior year. We live in the Detroit area and the car dealers are practically giving them away, especially if they're last years model. Jenn
  2. We bought our Matrix in July of 2003; it's a 2004 regular with no extras. We bought it as a workhorse and boy does it take it. We've hauled home a console television (one of the biggies), of course packed it full several times when moving into our new house, brought home 7 bales of hay, 3 sheets of 10' x 3' corrugated steel (with my son in his car seat), we brought home 3 window unit air conditioners (one extra large and 2 regular), one half of a full size china cabinet, (at the same time - a dining room table w/ 6 chairs, a recliner and a side table), and most recently it hauled 4 people w/luggage and a 3 1/2 ft neon sign to Southern Illinois and then Friday I picked up four steel art deco chairs (with my son in his car seat). We've found it's like a fifth dimension in the back of the car. We truly feel that there isn't much we can't haul around in that thing. It's traveled all over, Florida once, Boston once, Chicago twice, Toronto twice and we spent 10 days driving down Rt 66 from Michigan all the way to Tucumcari NM. It's one of the best travel cars too!! We're currently over 100,000 miles and planning our next trip. We lost two hubcaps to Rt 66 and we're leaving it that way for the moment. So tell me, anybody else treat theirs like a pick up? I love the looks that people give us when we've loaded it up (usually after they've told us it's not going to work) It's AWESOME!!
  3. We've found if we just wait it out, got sick of running to the dealership. That it goes off all on its own. Most of the time it takes 3 days. We live in Michigan and we also found the extreme cold in the morning (below 15 degrees farenheit) would make the engine light come on and it wouldn't go off for a few days. Now that it's warm again we're not seeing the little orange beastie!! Jenn Holly, MI 2004 Matrix
  4. Totally reliable, that's first in my book.
  5. Totally buy one ASAP. I've owned a 1987 Corrolla and 1994 corrolla and we just bought the 2004 corrolla Matrix. We literally drove them into the ground. Each car left us with over 200000 miles on it. I drove newspapers for a living, it hauled everything like a champ, got great gas mileage, NEVER broke down. With regular maintenance you will not have any problems with this car. The 1994 we had to get rid of because even though the car still ran great we had actually worn out the axle's so badly the wheels were going to fall off the car. THE ENGINE STILL HADN'T GIVEN OUT, that was in 2003. We're very hard of vehicles and drive a lot. I wouldn't have anything else. We're in Detroit, the home of the Big 3 and I wouldn't even consider anything else (I grew up in a Chrysler family) After the first two I considered it a no-brainer and went right to the Toyota dealer to buy a Corrolla. With a new baby we decided the Matrix was the way to because of the convenience of the fold flat, but it's still a Corrolla, just the station wagon version. Plus the cars are very affordable. We can fit anything in the Matrix. It's way better than an SUV, the sedan has a roomy trunk another that can hold almost anything. Definitely trade in the Saturn and move to Toyota, you'll never buy any other brand again. :D