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  1. ok, i did not see any posts in here, so i will post something. this was last year here in washington state, elbe hills orv park. not a very good video, my sons friend took it. at the end, he laughs because my buddies yota needed a tow.( warning strange laughter present) my 88 forerunner
  2. i dont know any history on it, but if this is the original motor, all i can say is wow, this little guy, gets up and boogies, i scarred myself at 115 mph, it seemed like it still wanted to go. some previous owner put a 5zigen exhaust on it, sounds good. it does need new struts, and cv boots/ axles. but other then that, i am as happy as a clam. i will post some pics of my other yota hi lux's later. thank you all, for the hospitality.
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    Hi everyone, i am new in here, but i am not new to toyota's, anyway , i just picked up a 87 gts fx16, and was wondering if there was anyone manufacturing performance parts for these still? i am mostly into toyota hi-lux 4x4's having 4 of them at the moment: www.bodydamageinc.com we are a toyota based 4x4 club here in wa. state. i have a cpl of pics of the gts, i just bought it from an abandoned vehicle auction, for...$ 100.oo yes, and it runs, and drives good, interior is excellent. no one at the auction had any idea what it was, but i did. here are some pics..
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