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  1. What is the procedure for resetting the Maint Reqd indicator? I did the reset after the first oil change but failed to write it down. I just did the second oil change and now ready to get rid of the annoying indicator light. My wife says I'm too sensitive about those kind of things. Thanks
  2. That is very interesting Pipsqueak. I have always changed my oil at 3000 miles. I know that has made Castrol happy. The manual says 5k and so does the dealer. So I will probably use conventional oil and change every 5k. Amsoil is not readily available around here. The Toyota oil is Chevron brand. Thanks
  3. What motor oils are preferred in the 4.7 V8 engine? I know it needs to be 5-30 viscosity. Which oil does Toyota use? I am also considering synthetic oil. Thanks