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  1. Oh really! Well, great! In other news, I just happened to find a replacement last night on eBay by searching just the part number this time. Once I receive the part, I'll feel more comfortable disconnecting the pipe and valve. I hope to let you (if it matters). So though the repair manual says the piece is nonreusable. Any advice on this question (if I can reuse it), say, if the replacement part won't work after all? Thanks a ton!
  2. Hello everyone! I need to clean the EGR valve on a 96 Tercel STD 1.5, but the valve removal has an irreplaceable part, the ball sleeve. I can't find a replacement anywhere as the manufacturer has discontinued the material. Will I damage the vehicle if I re-use or remove the ball sleeve from the EGR valve setup? The part number is 90410-14005. You can see it here on a diagram on this webpage (scroll down). It fits between the EGR Pipe (25601) and the valve assembly (25620). https://www.amayama.com/en/catalogs/toyota/corona/9-wagon-right-t170-1987-2518/engine-fuel-system-and-tools-1/exhaust-gas-recirculation-system-52 Will I damage anything if I reuse it or remove it? Thanks!
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