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  1. My wife Jeanette had passed away some years ago. In her memory, I am preserving her car, a 1985 Toyota Tercel. The vehicle is a two door hatchback, with a 3a engine and automatic transmission. There is approximately 366 000KM (216 000miles) on the odometer. Over the years, I have been able to find parts although currently I am finding it challenging to locate the following; Fuel filler neck (77201-16040) Inlet, sub-assembly (17907-15060) Hose, air cleaner no. 1 (17881-63030) Condenser assembly (88460-16090, or 88460-16070, or 88460-16080) Tail light right side (passenger side) (82550-80240) Fender, left (driver side) (53802-16260) Hinge pillar/post, left (driver side) (61022-16190) Complete door, left (driver side) (67002-16101) Mirror, with manual control, left (driver side) (87940-16131) Dashboard panel (fits below the steering wheel shaft), in beige/tan (55432-16030-02) Does anyone have any suggestions? I can be reached directly by calling me at: (514)766-6011 EDT or by emailing me at: elgarpark25@gmail.com
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