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  1. Looking for a used suv,under 99000 miles price $6000 or less
  2. well i have a oem fog lights(white)went to ebay bought some amber color type lens,then replaced the correct size bulb but witha higher light out put(7200 calvin)insted of the oem bulb of 3200 calvin.Hopefully that works.
  3. i have a 2012 toyota sienna limited xle awd,2 thing how do i stop the anoying auto adjustment when backing up,it is on both mirriors.The drive aside will not go back to the original position and i have used the set option on the door and it still does it how can shut it off permently.2nd problem is the driver side mirror heat wont work.I checked the fuse(its good)pass side mirror heats up replaced the driver side mirror,thinking it was bad still no luck.
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