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  1. I suggest talking to a local shop that specializes in suspension work.
  2. What do you mean by wheel hop? Most tire stores will inspect the tires for free, and some will check the suspension & front end w/o charge as well.
  3. My Advice: Coil springs can be both difficult and dangerous to handle. Both the struts and the springs have the same amount of miles. When I replace struts, I get a unit WITH the spring already installed, which also means new rubber and the bearing plate. It not only makes sense, but it makes the job much faster/easier. You can find OE parts at rockauto, KYB's for your car run a little over $100 each plus shipping. Monroe & Gabriel are acceptable alternatives if $$ is a factor. Tires are always a compromise, longer life means a harder rubber, thus more noise. I think Michelin can't be beat for long life and a high quality product. You can use the tire rack webpage and plug in your car and see what others have experienced. Youtube is a good source for information and how to videos. Look for "The Car Care Nut" A long time certified Toyota Tech who seems to be a very nice, good guy.
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