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  1. Oh and any ABS system that goes in peril, and dash lights on. Is made to safe out, so to speak and it manual overrides into a normal condition. You have and are checking brake fluid levels and looking behind each tire to make sure you have no brake fluid leaks or seaps or all that , Right ?
  2. Change just the timing belt right now. If the kid is hard on money, keep the engine going. The rest will give him motivation to get out there, keep moving your money maker, get workin and work your way up. We did just fine in cars with no ABS growing up. Dont let the brainwash box in your living room get to your head.
  3. Check,read the owner's manual. The vehicle needs to be in a certain safety lockout condition for any and all power assist doors to fully operate in all functions. I went through this, when I 1st got my 05, hadda pull the damn manual out all the time and keep reviewing its procedures till I got it right. Toyota wins the USA Safety Awards for it Siennas, year after year. Theirs good reason for what you have to learn
  4. My 05 Sienna, has the typical irritating clicking noise coming from the air blender servo motors, for the cabin heat,cool system. Up at the front ,left of drivers seat, sometimes under glove compartment. Does anyone have a link to anything that has a pictorial of just where to dig in to get at these servos. How to snatch em out painlessly and replace. Thanks in advance to whomever can assist. "The Right To Repair" Is a war, I will never end with all builders of anything !!!! Once we buy what you create. The only defense against you, is to have the right to get into anything ourselves to repair it. Or, the creator control's us !
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