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  1. My buddy has recently ran into some issues. The car had some weird idling surges and struggled when under load (like up a hill) and the check engine light came on. I scanned it and here is everything that came up at first. P0110 P0115 P0120 P0135 P0141 P0450 P0550 It looks like everything was sensor related, so i checked out the battery connections and ground and it seemed ok, a bit of corrosion on the + terminal but otherwise good, i recall cleaning the terminals a few months back as well. So i cleared all of the engine codes and about 3 minutes later the first code that came up was P0125, I cleared the codes again and that same code came up again a few minutes later. I did not clear it at this point, waited a few more minutes and scanned the engine, and 2 more codes came up along side it, P0135 and P0141. What do you think this means? Im going to assume that the first code P0125 is triggering everything else. From my research on this code, it sounds like the vehicle is unable to get up to operating temperature and as a result everything else is going crazy. How do i know what it is? It could be anything from a stuck thermostat to a bad coolant sensor.