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  1. Have a '91 Celica and the transmission shutters, shakes the entire car when starting out from stop, Automatic transmission. Only does it in drive first gear. When I let off the gas the shutter stops and it drives and shifts normal. Any idea what could be causing this. I'm new to this forum and bought this car as a project.
  2. Just purchased a '91 Celica with 267k miles. I'm new to the Toyota owners and I'm pretty handy with wrenches. There are some issues with the car that I'd like to ask about. When beginning to move forward from a stop if I take off slowly there is no issue. If I accelerate quickly the back end shutters and shakes. I haven't looked under the car yet but I'm guessing the entire suspension bushings etc. need replacement. I purchased a factory shop manual and owners manual off eBay and waiting for those to arrive. I'll need lots of advice over the next few year on proceeding how to gets t
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