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  1. I want to setup the map lights so they turn on with the doors. I figure I can do this relatively easy if I can take out the inserts in the head liner and connect them thru diodes to the cabin light door connection. Where can I find proper removal instructions for these parts?
  2. mine says the same thing. I just got it so I haven't thought about it, but I guess I need to look into it.
  3. 1st - I think all modern bumpers are plastic. 2nd - a patch job may be cheapest, but matching the paint is an issue. I had a couple of attacks by trees and they painted parts that were not damaged 'cause they bordered the damaged panel and it is white.
  4. ruggb

    Rock in Wall of tire

    " with a rock being stuck between the wall of the tire ", That is an incomplete statement. It takes 2 items for something to be "between".
  5. Just saw a TSB for an issue like this. T-SB-0220-17. Your Rav is not on it, but they may not know all the effected vehicles yet. If the latch switch gets hit by the nozzle or the splash shield and trips it, an automatic filler vapor block is activated. At that point you can't fill it any more. The fix is a shield for the switch, but you can experiment to see if that is what is happening. TSB fuel door MC-10161532-9999.pdf