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  1. The coupler worked like a charm! And she runs like attached.
  2. So updated.Today I cut the cracked end back about an inch.went to oh oh Oreillys and bought a silicone coupler 3" to 3" (spectre brand) ten bucks.I'll put it on and give another update with pics.
  3. Ok , I'm working on a 2005 highlander ,I did spark plugs ( no easy job) I had to remove upper intake to get the back three plugs.while reassembling the hose from throttle body to air cleaner box the hose cracked.I go online for Toyota parts and it's discontinued.Now what? I can only think of junk yard,but those might be just as dry and brittle.Any help or suggestions much appreciated.
  4. Hi ,I'm Nick I'm new. I do not own this highlander it's my co workers.I'm helping him out.I am a really good Jack of all trades cars being my fav.