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  1. Well (new guy here) mechanic for 30+ years and to date have always owned a chevy,chrysler. junk piles until i was given a 2007 toyota yaris 338,000 and still working like new replaced 2 pressed wheel bearings brakes etc nothing major and just bought another 2005 echo same in both 1.5 ponies and can't find a better reliable car around iam now a toyota man. will not buy nothing but and even selling my 2006 HHR (17 TIMES POWER STEERING MOTOR) Needless to say the entire steering column was replaced at get this 52,000 should last until you bury the jinx but not this crap. got gm involved and all was said is ohhh we are so sorry to hear this (yeah right) then they call me 3 months later from the dealership asking me about we have a special in your area for a oil change (forsure whats a little bulk oil). anyway just getting the feel of the site iam from Halifax Nova Scotia ~Dave