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  1. Hey everyone! I just acquired my my first Toyota Matrix! It is an S model with the ground effects and sunroof and all kinds of nifty gadgets and in my favorite color blue! Whats really interesting is that I acquired it by trading my football card collection for it. I received the Matrix and $2,000 he received almost 5,000 football cards. We are both happy! I just drove it home today from North Carolina all the way to New York. First issue I am assuming is just a bad TPMS sensor as the light would randomly come on, then go off, the flash for a while and then go off again or stay on for a while. I stopped several times to check tire pressures and they never changed. Is the tire shop only place able to determine which sensor it is or could it be something bigger like a control module? second thing I noticed is that it idles rough but ONLY when at a stop AND in drive. If I click it up to neutral it smooths out immediately. I ordered some new iridium spark plugs cause when I asked the previous owner when he cha fed them last he looked at me like I had two heads. If it’s not the plugs what else could cause the rough idle when at a stand still in drive? Third, I noticed the front edge on the sunroof was pretty rusty/corroded. I did run it through a pretty ferocious car wash to test it and doesn’t leak at all. Is that just the glass piece that I should replace or is it the whole assembly. I want to make sure it’s fixed BEFORE it starts leaking. Fourth, is the power steering system serviceable? I brought it to valvoline to have a power steering system flush and they said they couldn’t do it so either they are retards or it’s a non-serviceable system. 5th- anyone have a reference link to removing radio? PO says he got a cd stuck in there and I would very much like to get it out since I like my CDs. tha me in advance! I’m sure to have more questions as I work my way through this car. Anything else I should look at doing as far as preventative maintenance on known issues? Car has just shy of 145,000 miles and made the almost 820 mile trip very comfortably. The cloth on the door s is no longer attached it’s looks like a sideways headliner that isn’t stuck to the roof anymore but in this case the doors panel. Also the drivers sunvisor doesn’t stay up, is that as simple as just replacing the visor?