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    I seriously wanted the car to fix and sell so I could put more money towards a Superduty... something beautiful, strong, and actually doesnt make me want to hurt myself everytime i see it much less drive it
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    I am quite possibly the biggest gear head in the states, but I want a 1999 Island blue metallic and tan lariat 4x4 6 speed manual 7.3 Ford F250 TurboDiesel. Me and my family are super poor so my grand mother gave me her 1993 Toyota Camry. I was thankful until I found this out. 1, I cant sell it. 2, I cant trade it. And 3, I cant engine swap is. Its got the weak Toyota 2200 or whatever the 4 cylinder is called. Its white with blue interior, and is an automatic :(. It is also beat to you know what. It is the ugliest, slowest, most bland and boring car I have ever seen in my life and everyone Ive talked to says the 4 cylinder in those make no power even after being boosted, and I cant find anything on youtube because well... they are boring af. SO if there is anything I can do to this base model, broke down, ugly pile of ****, please let me know, since you people like Toyotas other than the Supra, Celica, and Tacoma for some reason that Ill never understand. BTW, Ive had this car for a day and i already hate this pile of junk.