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  1. ToyoPro

    So... found a way to get a free carfax.

    Link doesn't work
  2. It looks like this may be what you're looking for . It's sold in a small tube. They don't sell OEM touch up paint in a bottle. Hope this helps.
  3. ToyoPro

    OEM or aftermarket?

    OEM Toyota parts are best for fit, form and function in my opinion.
  4. ToyoPro

    LF 1994 celica parts! has a lot of hard to find/discontinued/vintage OEM Toyota parts for anyone still looking for parts for older vehicles at low prices.
  5. ToyoPro

    for sale

    Awesome looking ride. Hope you find a buyer soon!
  6. ToyoPro

    Original Floor Mats

    Here's a genuine Toyota floor mats listing page showing floor mat options based the model provided. Hope this help someone out who's looking for discounted OEM Toyota floor mats with the factory warranty.
  7. ToyoPro

    Best Sites to buy auto parts in the USA

    I found that actually does international shipping if that helps out OP. This site offers genuine OEM Toyota parts and accessories.
  8. ToyoPro

    Have you got a name for you car?

    The Dark Knight
  9. ToyoPro

    Where do you all buy parts?

    I buy a ton of OEM Toyota parts online. Check out to find what you need. They have really good prices.
  10. has everything Toyota. My shopping experience with them has been excellent. Check them out OP.
  11. ToyoPro


    Good Year Assurance for the Win!
  12. ToyoPro

    MR2 parts

    Check out for genuine OEM Toyota parts. I've ordered from them and they are legit. Why buy aftermarket when you can buy OEM parts at nice discounted prices. OEM quality is always better from my experience. These parts come with the Toyota factory warranty. Hope this helps.
  13. ToyoPro

    What insurance do you use?

    I've been with Mercury Insurance for over 15 years. No Issues. They've been great!
  14. ToyoPro

    Best Sites to buy auto parts in the USA is my go to source for everything Toyota. They have the biggest and best selection of Toyota parts online at great prices! Hope this helps.
  15. New to this awesome forum. Look forward to contributing.