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  1. 2015 Camry XSE V6 with 12,000kms. The original owner, I have heard this sound for the last 4,000 kms or so. I have some pretty definite noises (groans) coming from the front end most pronounced when backing slowly and cranking the wheel right or left. Persons outside the car can hear it as well. 1st trip to the dealer, they heard it but could not identify it. The 2nd trip they figured it was the front struts. They were ordered (warranty) and eventually replaced but the noise continues. The noise is getting more pronounced. The dealer service shop couldn`t duplicate on other Camry models until they tried a 2016 XSE V6 with only 10 kms. It already made a similar sound. My service report says` sounds the same as a similar model`. I didn`t accept that and spoke with the service manager. They say they have contacted Toyota Canada to see if there are similar complaints but it does appear to be something relating to differences with the XSE front suspension.