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  1. Another thing to note- don't remove or disassemble the carb. Just get the filter and filter housing off the top so you can see the valves from above. Then spray it down really well, inside, and out. Make sure to put extra where the cable from your accelerator pedal attaches to the carb. When spraying it down with Rusty's, or whatever you decide to use, a good rule of thumb is that if you think you've used too much, you haven't used enough. Keep spraying all over the carb until you see it dripping down the side of your engine and puddling underneath the truck. Any excess that gets in your carb
  2. This happened to me once. The fix is super easy- your carb is sticking a little. There is this stuff called Rusty's that is designed for carburetors and other similar parts with swivels or hinges, much like what's on your carburetor valves. (I bet WD-40 or other generic carb cleaners would work as well) just take your air filter off the top of the carb, and spray the **** out of the entire carb with Rusty's. That's it. Problem solved
  3. Ok, here's my problem: when I got my truck, it had nothing for electrical in the cab. The radio, cigarette lighter socket, even the fan blower motor are all missing. The only electrical anything this truck has is the important stuff, like the head lights and tail lights, the turn signals, brake lights, head lights, and the ignition/starter system (plugs and cables, battery cables, and so on) but the bare wires for everything is still there, complete with the factory connectors. I have to have my phone on me at all times for work. About the only time I can get away with turning it off is in sch
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