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Just signed up here, although I already posted my first reply in a 2015 Highlander thread. From all the past threads I've seen opened in the Highlander threads, to back in June of 2014, I see a lot of zero replies. So maybe not a lot of activity here, or folks are just too busy out driving their Highlanders. :D Then again, while signing up here, there's no option for a 2015 HL, just 2014. They should update that. At least me and one other member are discussing the 2015 Highlander.

I went to test drive a couple '16 Kia Sorento's this past Friday, nice little SUV's. On the way home bounced into my local Toyota dealer. I bought my new '03 Tocoma 4dr, SR5/TRD there years back. Great little truck.

So I found a '15 HL-LE w/4cyl engine. Very nice vehicle, even with the 4cyl, I liked it abit better than the Sorento. Couldn't come to terms with the price. Dealer added on $1700 accessories I wouldn't have added. Running boards, chrome bumper protector strip. ($129.00 for a strip of chrome metal?) I wouldn't have added those on myself.

It was only one of two, sky silver LE's. Salesman said he just found out the other one w/o added on accessories was already sold. So I said fine, lets run the numbers on the one I drove. They were sticking to MSRP of $30K plus the $1700 dealer add ons. I told him NAH, I would consider it but not at that price. So I left, I'm very OK still driving my '08 Honda Pilot w/89000 miles, runs great. So maybe I'll go back in spring or summer of '16 to get a better look at the HL's. And I'm thinking from all I've read last nite researching HL prices/features, the 6cyl is the better way to go. Its a big SUV.

See y'all in the 2015 HL threads now and again, hope to gain more knowledge from actual owners, but ya gotta post some replies folks. Maybe I'll be first to start a '16 Highlander thread. Peace, e.

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