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Replacing radio, having problems.

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Hello, I'm new here and glad to find this forum. Im having problems with my 1990 Camry LE.

New stereo harness has less wires than original. I can get power to new unit but no sound. Reasonably sure all speaker connections are correct. There is a pink/white wire that among others that i cant account for. Suspect it powers an amp. Have looked under driver seat and found a 4”x4” box. Amp? It’s definitely not an electric seat so i rule this out. Have heard toyota put an amp under driver seat in some models that year. 

can someone please help me with some wiring info. 
i know that: 

gray = ignition

blue/yellow= battery

brown = ground

have disregarded electric antenna wire, its broken and replaced with regular one. 

also believe i have all speaker wires correct too. 
what is the pink/white wire? What am i missing? 

any help is greatly appreciated. 

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