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Tundra Frame Issues

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Fellow Toyota owners,


My family members and I have been proud Toyota truck owners for my entire life - Until recently.


I have a truck that’s always lived in the south.

I just noticed I have a crack in the front of the frame, under where the engine sits AND The frame is also separating on either side under the truck bed.


After researching, I found out that there was a limited recall issued in 2010, and expired in 2012 to undercoat the frame, or replace just 1 part. 2 years to fix frame issues on 110,000 trucks?


20 complaints was all it took for Toyota to issue this Limited recall. 20 complaints out of a very common problem for 110,000 trucks that Toyota sold. At $30,000 per truck that’s $33,000,000,000 billion. Toyota can afford to make these repairs, individual owners cannot.


If you have a Toyota truck and are experiencing issues with frame corrosion or rust PLEASE sign this petition and file a complaint on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website here to have your voice heard: Report a Safety Problem | NHTSA


Sign my petition here: Sign the Petition


See another class action lawsuit for Toyota Tundras 2007/2008, Tacoma 2005/2010, Sequoia 2005-2008: Brian Warner et al. v. Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., Class Action Settlement

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