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99 Camry Brake light problem


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Hi, I have a problem where my brake lights stay illuminated brightly (both sides in the rear and the third brake light in the rear window) whenever my automatic headlights come on at night. So whenever I drive at night, my brake lights are always on, not just the dim running tail lights. I did some testing and found out that if I press the brake pedal before my headlights turn on, it also illuminates my front corner lights but not my actual headlight bulbs. I assume that there is a relay or circuit board somewhere that controls the headlights and brake lights, which probably got fried when I got LED replacement tail light bulbs a month or two ago. I checked the wiring going to my lights in the trunk area, and I can't find any bare wires that might be shorting out or crossing. I had all my interior trim pieces off a while ago, and the wiring loom seemed in good condition from the dashboard area all the back to the trunk. Does anyone know what might be causing this, or know where I can check around to find a brake light controller circuit board that I can inspect for burns or corrosion? Thanks!

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