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Catalytic convertors were cut out and stolen! Can only afford universal aftermarket OBD II Converter.


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My Cats were hacked off of my exhaust system!! on my 2003 Prius Sedan.

I live in New Hampshire where stringent CARB requirements do not apply, but the federal requirement to have a Cat to be street legal does apply.

I absolutely have no budget (not even close) to afford even the OEM style aftermarket replacement, so all I can afford is a universal fit aftermarket Cat.

There is enough of the 2.25" pipe after the manifold flange to attach the Cat to it, and the Sensor is still in place and undamaged just before the flange attachment. 

The thieves cut out everything from just after the flange mount all the way to just before the rear axle, so no Cat and Most of the Mid-Pipe is gone.

My plan is to fabricate my own Mid-Pipe, from the aftermarket Cat, to reducing the pipe to the 1.5" diameter of what's left of the pipe to the muffler, which I am skilled to do myself as I can not afford the shop rates, much less OEM style replacement parts.

Enough of my story. I do have a question that I hope somebody here is knowledgeable to answer. 

Is there anything about the set up (aftermarket Cat and sensors in place) I just described that is going to create issues with the 2003 Prius' system and run-ability?

I do have a good code scanner for this car so I will be able to remove existing codes and see what comes up when I run it with the new fabricated Cat/Mid-pipe.  (that big bad warning light did come on immediately with the missing Cat and mid-pipe, probably because the sensor could not read temperature and O2 conditions with the open header pipe.

I look forward to receiving some comments and answers soon.


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