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Crankshaft timing


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Hello everyone... I am needing some expert advice with my  2006 Toyota Sienna LE.   

Situation is this.  Was driving the car and it just stopped running. Turns out the timming belt. Car is old but well maintained and just stuck a couple grand into it. So decided to do the job myself this time...  when I got into the timing case a screw that holds the water pump was embedded into the belt.  The last time I had the timing belt changed out I brought it to a mechanic who didn't bother to tighten at least three other screws that I was litterally able to unscrew them by hand.  😖


Then I noticed that the crankshaft was off to the camshaft timing. I had to manually turn the crankshaft independently on the camshaft.  It seems the screw that was embedded into the belt allowed the belt to slip and skip teeth.  After making sure all the marks were in proper timing and top dead center TDC... I buttoned everything up.  When I started the vehicle I got a check engine light... checked it with my OBD2 and it stated the P0016 crankshaft position-camshaft positing correlation bank 1 sensor.  I tried clearing the code but came back within 5 minutes of driving...  

So my question is what needs to happen now? Would I have to go back in there and adjust the crankshaft independently?  If so how do I know is in proper position?  As mentioned I have verified that the timing marks are all at TDC and turned the crankshaft twice and confirmed that the timing marks were back at TDC.   Car seems to be driving very nicely now. But not sure if this is something that must be tended to right away and the car should not be driven or its something that the sensors adjust to after some time on the road. 

I am going to try and upload some pictures because this is a pretty incredible mess up by a hack mechanic. A lesson of what can happen when you think the guy is going to do a good job because you pay him but he just rushes through it and leaves untightened bolts that reack havoc on a system. 

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