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Burned Oil Smell in car

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Hi everyone.

Just happily acquired a 1999 XRS...107,000 miles, beautiful interior runs like a bat out of hell, right clean oil clean tranny fluid,  clean in general. One I throw a paint job on it I will feel like the Fat Cat in the Monopoly game, may even smoke a fat cigar...(-: 

However for some reason it gets this oil smell in car , kinda smells like crankcase blown even thought this engine in very tight. I was thinking...PCV valve? 

What do you guys think?

And thanks!!!

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The smell was certainly a crankcase smell. I have since learned one of the few issues with this (nearly bulletproof) engine is sludge buildup. The smell was certainly "old oil-ish" This was a one owner car 107,000 miles. I found it at a dealer in Slidell Louisiana.  I suspect the lady that had it is deceased. The CD changer had old time radio shows and early 50's Doo-Wop. I also highly suspect that it sat for years. Musty smell, but no leaks. New Orleans area.

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