Help: 90 Automatic Camry

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Just bought 1990 Camry, 4cyl, automatic, 160 k miles.

Car ran great with no issues for 2 weeks. I decided to wash the motor and compartment (engine cool), I covered dist, batt, fuse box and electrical on throttle body. After washing with simple green and a quick rinse I was able to start and warm up the motor to help start the drying process. While engine was warming up I verified operation of A/C and heater, check for any idiot and or check engine lights, of which there were none. Once the engine was up to temperature and everything was good and dry I proceded to take it for a test drive, and experienced the following;

- Vehicle will shift into drive, idle drops from about 850 rpm to around 600 rpm., as soon as you depress the gas pedal the engine stumbles and then stalls. This also happens when using reverse.

- Once the engine stalls I need to wait about 3-5 minutes before I am able to re-start the engine, once re-started it idles fine.

The car will idle all day long, it will stay running when you shift into gear, It seems to only stumble/stall as soon as you depress the accelerator.

Hope somone can point me in the right direction

Thanks in advance...

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Yeah, but he also might have gotten H2O in the distributor cap. And that cap might have a lot of miles on it, so that's another issue, H2O or not.

Fuel filter or fuel pump, possibly? ...if so, the engine wash would be just a coincidence...

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