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2013 Highlander roof rack and air filter

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Hi everyone. New to the Highlander club. I have the 2013 Toyota Highlander and was looking for recommendations for roof rack. Also, I was wondering if adding an aftermarket air intake can help improve the gas milage. If yes does anyone else have any recommendations? Please let me know.


Thank you

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Sorry for the late reply....did you find a roof rack yet?

Fitting an aftermarket air filter can improve air flow and also may clean the air better so less contamination in the engine....cleaner air and more of it 🙂
However, it can also affect the fuelling which may actually affect economy but so will fitting a roof rack.

K&N make a superb replacement air filter element which is reusable by cleaning and refitting and gives many other benefits over standard filters

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Better late than never!! Thank you, I found a roof rails and cross bars. The Toyota dealership in my area no longer carried that stuff so I found company named IDFR (which only used Paypal and only send me the roof rails without the cross bars). Also found on amazon bunch of Thule brand roof racks and such. Now for the air filter I watched a ton of videos and people keep saying not to add it as you mention that it may mess up the factory settings. My friend added air filter to his ford and he has been getting 3-4miles per gallon better economy so not being a car guy still trying to devide if the investment is worth it.  

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if you are looking for an air filter then I use these products to help gas mileage:

https://www.searchforparts.com/oil-change/toyota-2013-highlander-2.7l-1ar-fe (if you have a 2.7L)

https://www.searchforparts.com/oil-change/toyota-2013-highlander-3.5l-2gr-fxe (if you have a 3.5L)

also here are some roof racks that are worth looking at:



hope this helps!

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