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2020 & 2021 Galactic Aqua Camry's flawed paint


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We purchased a 2020 Galactic Aqua Toyota Camry and when I looked at the car in the sunlight two days later there were approximately 15 to 20 areas where the blue top coat was light and you could see the green base coat through it (front, side and rear pillars where doors attach, inside edges of the doors, inside on the trunk lip, inside gas cap door) on both sides of the car.   I took the car back  to the dealer in less than 72 hours of owning it. The factory engineer was called. He inspected the car and determined that the paint was not applied correctly and offered to repaint a brand new car on the defective areas. Remember it is about 15-20 areas and less than 72 hours of owning it. I stopped at another dealership and looked at two 2021 Galactic Aqua Camry's and they were the same way. The Sales Manager said he never saw anything like that in the 12 years he was selling cars and was supposed to notify his Service Manager to notify Toyota. I stopped at a third dealership in the area and I looked at one of three 2020 Camry's that they had on the lot and the paint was light on that one also (almost identical to ours). I showed the assistant sales manager and asked if he was going to contact Toyota and he stated he was going to wait to see if Toyota puts something out a bulletin on it. I did not like that answer so I contacted the GM and made him aware of the issue before the car is sold to someone. Once you purchase the car and notice the flaw the only thing Toyota will do is repaint it not replace it, even if it is less then 72 hours old. I contacted a fourth dealership in the area and talked to that sales manager and brought it to his attention and  he said his dealership would catch it and sort of blew me off. My car went through the Factory QC inspection and the dealership and nobody caught it, even the two other dealerships that had flawed paint did not see it until I brought it to their attention. Toyota itself would only repaint the car at the defective areas and not replace it until it went through the Lemon Law process. Just making people aware to look at these areas for flawed paint if you already purchased or thinking of purchasing. Here are a few pictures of our 2020 Camry (scroll down). I feel this is a major issue since it is on  both the 2020 and the 2021 Galactic Aqua Camry's  

Got my resolution from Toyota on this: After evaluating your claim, we do not believe the vehicle suffers from a defect in materials or workmanship that substantially impairs its use, value or safety







Scroll down for some of the pictures



























RF Door Hinge.jpg

LF Door Top.jpg







R Between Doors (2).jpg


RR Jamb Inner (1).jpg

RR Jamb Inner (2).jpg


LF Door Bottom.jpg

LF Door Hinge.jpg

R Between Doors (1).jpg

LF Door.jpg

LR Jamb.jpg





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2020/21 Galactica Aqua paint problems. 

Wow, seriously defective 'workmanship' . Does it affect safety, no, but it surely affects the value if your car. I bought the 2021 Camry SE and had to 'settle' for red. Very happy with it but was told 2021 model was not available in blue! Now I know why. Definitely pursue this!

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