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slip yoke/transmission

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Hi all...I am a new member and am delighted to be part of such a knowledgeable  group of fellow Toyota Tacoma folks.

Here is my dilemma:    I have a 2017 Tacoma trd off road 4x4.  After I start the vehicle in the AM and then start to drive, when I come to a stop sign and start to slow down to stop, right before I stop and have the brakes applied, I hear a knock or thump coming from the rear of my Tacoma.  It seems to happen as if the transmission is downshifting.  I have been doing a little research on this and have been given suggestions that the slip yoke may need to be greased. But as you all know, my 2017 does not have a grease zerk to grease the slip yoke. Also, is the slip yoke located on the rear drive shaft coming from the rear differential or the smaller drive shaft coming from to transfer case to the front axle. And it appears I would have to remove either both or just one of the drive shafts? How many slip yokes are on my Tacoma.

I kinda know that the transmission on the 3rd generations have their issues.  But I am asking for your thoughts on this matter and if you think I have a transmission or other type problem or if this issue I mentioned is the nature of these transmission issues and it is something I just have to live with and that this is no problem and just keep driving. 

Anyway, I took the truck to the dealer and they said they would have to diagnose the issue and that it could possibly cost me $120.00 plus the parts to fix if necessary. Greasing the slip yoke is a maintenance issue to the dealer and would have to be paid out of pocket

So kind ladies and gentlemen, do I have a problem and if so your thoughts on the matter, should I take my Tacoma to the dealer, or can I do this, grease the slip yoke, on my own.

Thanks for your feedback in advance.





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