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Toyota 4Runner New: Vehicle Service Plans: Worth It?

Mike Duda

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Disclaimer:  I'm not an expect and have no stats.  I bought a new 4runner TRD OFFROAD Premium in 2019.  I bought the warranty package for 10YR/100,000Mile bumper to bumper.  Everything I have ever read or seen stated that the warranty from the manufacturer is the only way to go.  Probably because the manufacturer doesn't want bad publicity if they're welching on their customers.  Also, if you buy a warranty through a private company for 3,000.00 and they then declare bankruptcy at some point you are out of luck, and money.  I don't think Toyota is going anywhere.  I also bought the factory warranty on my Hyundai.  So far, whenever something needed fixing, and they heard I had  a platinum plan, they expedited things and there were no problems at all.  The Hyundai warranty is still active and fixing leaking CV joints on both front axles in a week or so.  No cost to me.

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