4 runner bird.

Toyota 4 runner oil and oil filter change.

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This year I wanted to replace my 2008 Toyota 4 runner with a new one. But I was prevented from doing so because of how complex Toyota made oil and filter changes on it's 2020 4 runners. I believe 

that Toyota engineers need to redesign the 4 runner, so that an oil and filter change is no more complex and difficult than on my  08 4 runner. Then I like other people that have to do their own oil changes for various reasons, can comfortably go out and buy a new one, and not be held back by this horrendous obstacle.       Robert M. Partridge.   April. 14,  2020.

be held back

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No consideration, I agree. The salespersons give me a funny look when I want to know where the filter and drain plug are, and typically they have no idea. They should be putting the oil filters topside, as on some vehicles  such as VW on select engines. At 78, still doing my own service, as lets be honest, the "technician" doing the oil changes was probably hired yesterday. 

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