2019 RAV4 Hybrid Gas Tank

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I've had my 2019 RAV4 Hybrid for about 5 months and have encountered a major issue with the gas tank capacity.  Shortly after purchasing the new vehicle, I realized that any fill up of the tank was incomplete.  Fuel capacity is 14+ gallons and I'm seldom able to squeeze in 8-9 gallons when nearly empty.  The dealer has replaced the tank, which has not fixed the issue.  Toyota is aware of the problem, but they do not have a solution yet.  Anyone else encountering this issue of having only 2/3 the fuel capacity and thus shorter distances to empty?  Any luck with getting it resolved?

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Just saw a TSB for an issue like this. T-SB-0220-17. Your Rav is not on it, but they may not know all the effected vehicles yet.

If the latch switch gets hit by the nozzle or the splash shield and trips it, an automatic filler vapor block is activated. At that point you can't fill it any more.

The fix is a shield for the switch, but you can experiment to see if that is what is happening.

TSB fuel door MC-10161532-9999.pdf

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