4.7 lt V8 VVT-i vs No VVT-i

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Hi guys, I am looking for a Lexus GX470 for a personal Off-road project and I am not sure what would be better between the 4.7 lts with VVTi or not.

My concern:

1- long term Reliability

2- The real advantage having VVTi in a V8 4.7 (at low rpm or at high rpm)


I am getting just Marketing info like VVTi improve Efficiency and Power and Torque but not when apply the difference, I know basically how it works but not the answer I'm looking for. 

Like: an electrical engine move hydraulically a kind of clutch to change the Timing configuration and air circulation when the engine reach certain higher XX rpms, awesome for an small 4cyl engine, good for a 6cyl but maybe useless for an 8cyl?.

I'm not sure where the VVTi will make a difference if I compare the Lexus gx470 2004 vs 2006. Not sure if at low rpm or at high rpm? (the GX470 is lighter than a Tacoma and Im not planning to towing)

I think at very high rpm the vvti change the timing specs to deliver more HP and torque so under 3500rpm they are similar, so may be in a 4.7lts will almost never be activated between 2000 to 3500 rpms!.

If this is the case, I won't see an improvement at low RPM in terms of HP or torque till I push the gas and the RPM, This will make sense in a 1.8 lts corolla engine or a 2.4lts or 2.5lts in a camry also the 3.5lts but not with the V8. 

Also not a significant improvement in Gas on this engine neither, may be it is important in any 6cyl 3.5lts or smaller engine as we need higher rpms to reach the needed power.

If this statement is correct, I will prefer the 2004 model with less complexity and more reliability, and also easy to fix!

I had a 2004 Landcruiser Prado 3.4lts, and twice the Land Cruiser Prado 3 doors 2.7lts. I loved them also the old Hilux 2.4lts, all great offrading. I had FJ70 3 doors with 4.0lts and great in torque and power. I don't remember reaching 4000rpm, and I drove the newer FJ70 4.5lts and it was awesome in torque and power, never needed more than 3500 rpm. My old 2008 FJ cruiser had no power compared to this 4.5 lts!

I am 100% sure the 4.7lts is too much for that Land cruiser with Lexus look the GX470.

(my old Rav 2009 6cyl had too much engine, the faster Toyota I have had!)

Like the 4.5lts 6cyl engine was amazing delivering a pick of torque an power was at low rpm so I believe the 4.7lts may be similar.

Thanks and hopefully some knows more details and not just a Marketing paper work 






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